Traveling With Family? Read This First

Think travel nursing is the exclusive domain of the young and unencumbered? Think again. People of all ages and at all stages of life not only choose to bring others along on their travels, but reap extraordinary benefits in doing so.

If you’re thinking of becoming a travel nurse but have concerns about how it will impact your family life, read on for tips toward making travel nursing a family affair.

Key Considerations

Contrary to common misconception, travel nursing is not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-scrubs experience. In fact, whether or not you’re traveling solo or with an entourage, finding the best jobs and making the most of them involves some effort. The difference? In the former scenario, you’re primarily evaluating these considerations according to your own wants and needs. In the latter, these factors are multiplied by the number of people coming with you.

From choosing locations to finding adequate housing, traveling with a family requires additional preparation beyond those of the typical solo assignment. And while none of these challenges are insurmountable, they do require advance planning and early, open communications with your travel recruiter.

Traveling with children, in particular, involves some extra things to think about, including ages, school options, and personalities. Will your kids attend school or be homeschooled? Do you have childcare in place or have your researched your childcare options? In cases where leaving school is less than ideal, some travel nurses opt to travel only during summers and school vacations.

Questions also arise when it comes to finding housing for your family. While agency housing may not be the right fit for a family, opting for the housing allowance can open doors to accommodations which best suit your family.

One thing to keep in mind throughout the process? Children are incredibly adaptable. However, the more prepared they are for life in a new environment, the more likely they are to hit the ground running. Of course, you’re not alone in this effort. Your travel recruiter is an invaluable resource every step of the way.

Embrace the Adventure

While the idea of traveling as a family can initially be intimidating, embracing its many benefits — from seeing the country and experiencing life in a different place to meeting new people and making new friends, travel nursing — can help transform anxiety into excitement. Sitting down together and identifying these positives, as well as formulating a collaborative action plan aimed at addressing any concerns family members may have, can help you focus your collective attention in the most positive, promising direction.

One final hint from the pros? Welcome the input of family members — particularly when it comes to issues which directly impact them. For example, choosing a location as a family or agreeing upon housing parameters goes a long way toward generating buy-in and enthusiasm.

Have you traveled with family? If so, please share your experiences and suggestions in the “Comments” section below.

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